Heart Care Bavaria

From May 6 to 8  starts the European heart failure awareness Day (HFA-Day) – an initiative of the European Society of Cardiology, which takes part in more than 30 countries. The aim is to work together on the common disease educate heart failure and to provide an impetus for the prevention of this dangerous system disease. The CNHF coordinats the Germany-wide activities  together with the German Heart Failure Center. National partner is the German Heart Foundation.

In the Focus puts the motto “Heart in Motion”. Through various actions and events is on the heart health-promoting effect of sport and movement alerted and advertised for a healthier lifestyle.
For the HFA-Day Ex-soccer national player Gerald Asamoah has assumed patronage. He suffers from a cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease) and has launched the Gerald Asamoah Foundation for Children with Heart Diseasee.

Regional partner of the HFA-Days is the handball club “Rimparer Wolves”. The association supports the HFA-Day during the season. Team captain Stefan Schmitt takes part as testimonial at numerous public Events.