Clinical Research

In projects ranging from fundamental and clinical research to healthcare delivery research, the Competence Network for Heart Failure has been able to amass a wealth of new knowledge about the disease mechanisms of heart failure and effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. As a multicenter research network, it has the capacity to carry out large-scale national and international studies.

Databases An impressive research infrastructure has been built up by the members of the competence network, including a central database for study data and an attached central biomaterial bank containing samples collected from thousands of heart-failure patients. These resources are unique of their kind in Europe. These resources are available to collaborative projects between academic and industrial research groups.
Clinical Studies Many influential clinical studies have been carried out by members of the Competence Network Heart Failure. Details of individual studies are provided on the following pages.
Publications The researchers working for the competence network include some of the best specialists in their respective fields, who have published many widely regarded papers as a result of our projects.