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TP 10 Quality of Life


The quality of life of patients with chronic heart failure is severely adversely affected; many patients suffer from comorbid anxiety and depression. This constitutes a risk factor for difficulties in compliance with necessary treatment measures as well as for increased hospitalization and increased mortality. Until now, reliable information regarding the quality of life and depression throughout the course of the illness depending on age, gender and the health care infrastructure has been lacking. There is hardly any research on approaches to interventions for improving quality of life and adequate diagnosis and treatment of depressive comorbidity.


For the first time in Germany a nationwide, representative documentation of the quality of life and screening for depression that covered all patient groups was carried out. The interrelations and development of quality of life, psychosocial and somatic factors were investigated in selected groups of patients. Based on these results, interventions for patients with severely impaired quality of life and depressive illnesses were developed. To optimize the quality of life and health care for patients with heart failure in primary care practices, training and care approaches for primary care practices were designed and evaluated.

Main result

Standardized comprehensive data on quality of life and depressive symptoms was systematically collected across all studies in all patients of the competence network heart failure (see also subproject 2). Various studies provided new insights into the most appropriate mode of diagnosing depressive mood and clinical depression in patients with heart failure, and the interrelation between depression, quality of life and adherence to therapy.


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The data pool described above on quality of life and depressive symptoms in patients with heart failure is available for future collaborative research. Further, building on the close cooperation with subproject 9b, studies and analyses in HIV-positive subjects will continue.


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